Cemeteries in Fluvanna County, Virginia

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There are lots of graves in Fluvanna. Some have been damaged over the years, as the accompanying photo shows. Manay are much more damaged than this one. Many almost certainly do not even have gravestones. The markers created at the time of a person’s death may have been wooden and rotted away in just a few years. Some probably didn’t even have markers.

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Restoring Graveyards

Cemetery Collection Day

Fluvanna County Historical Society is collaborating with other organziations to identify long-neglected cemeteries and work to preserve them in a way that honors those who were buried in them. Here’s an image of a group working to do so.

Many volunteers came to help restore a cemetery in the Columbia corner of the county. Yay for the community peeps coming together!

Learn more! Get invovlved. Contact the Fluvanna County Historical Society!