Old Stone Jail in Summer

The Fluvanna Historical Society was formed in 1964. Oral tradition says that because of a lack of storage space, some old county records were about to be taken to be the dump. Local history-minded ladies stood in front of the trucks, blocking their path, while others climbed into the back to rescue the papers. An arrangement was made with the County of Fluvanna for the newly-formed Fluvanna Historical Society to hold its offices and archives, and to create a museum, in the Old Stone Jail. The rest is history.

Original board members and officers of the Fluvanna Historical Society:

President: William Siegfried
1st Vice President: Mrs. W. W. Bercaw
2nd Vice President: John Walter Holland
Secretary – Recording: Mrs. Dred Poole
Secretary – Corresponding: Mrs. E. P. Snead
Treasurer: Col. John Ayrault – Mrs. W. F. O’Brien

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